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FCC Automotive Program Retains Master ASE Accreditation

Frontier Community College (FCC) recently received word from the National Institute for Automotive Service Excellence (ASE) that its Automotive Technology program continues to meet the requirements for Master Automobile Service Technology accreditation.  This is the highest level of program accreditation recognized by the institute.

Frontier’s Automotive Technology program has been Master-level certified for ten years now, and the program undergoes an evaluation every five years.  To be Master-level certified, the program must be certified in all eight areas of ASE, which includes Engine Repair, Suspension and Steering, and Electrical Systems.

“Achieving this level of accreditation confirms that we are successfully teaching our students to be automotive technicians,” said Rodney Maxey, who is the Assistant Professor and Lead Instructor for the program.  “Not only are our students receiving Master-certified knowledge in the classroom, but they also have the opportunity become ASE certified before entering the workforce.”

While enrolled in the program, students will take entry-level ASE exams for each of the eight categories.  If a student scores high enough on the entry-level ASE exams in class, FCC pays for the student to take the professional ASE test.  In the spring, the program travels to Vincennes, Indiana to sit for one of the professional ASE exams. Students will become ASE certified for that specific category if they pass the exam.  Professionals must retest every five years to keep up with the ever-advancing automotive technology.

“Being an ASE-certified technician is a huge advantage when building your career,” says Maxey, who has led the Automotive Technology program since it began in 2003.  “Many dealerships and automotive shops require their technicians to be ASE-certified.  Having these certifications under your belt will greatly enhance your employability and is critical to your success in the industry.”

In addition to being Master ASE accredited, the Automotive Technology program also serves as a Snap-on Multimeter certification center.  The program received approval from the National Coalition of Certification Centers (NC3) to begin offering training certification in November 2017.  The test is available to second-year students during the spring semester, and FCC provides the test for free.

The Snap-on Multimeter certification, which is widely recognized in the industry, provides rigorous training on the advanced capabilities of Snap-on digital multimeters – the very same technology used by professionals in the workplace.  Training is focused on subjects from basic and advanced applications to troubleshooting.  With the Snap-on Multimeter certification, all Automotive Technology students receive a significant discount on tools purchased through Snap-on during their enrollment in the program.

The Automotive Technology program is a two-year Associate in Applied Science Degree, which will transfer to four-year universities.  Students receive a blend of classroom learning and hands-on training in a state-of-the-art lab, complete with diagnostic simulators, engine repair equipment, a Snap-on alignment machine, several vehicles, and more.  As automotive technology and equipment become more innovative, students will learn to use computerized shop equipment and electrical components while consistently working with hand tools.  For more information about the Automotive Technology program, call Frontier Community College at 618-842-3711 or visit the Automotive Technology program page.

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