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6th Annual Community Art Show Draws Large Crowd

Over 200 people attended Frontier Community College's Community Art Show on April 20th.  The show saw much participation from the community, as there were 139 adult entries and 197 high school entries. 

The Overall Best of Show, including a $100 prize, was awarded to Tara Thompson of Edwards County High School for her drawing I'm Tired.  Guests attending the show voted for one favorite overall among the adult and high school categories.  The People's Choice (Adult, $50) went to Vicki Gifford for her painting Kensey.  Jayla Schwarzlose of Edwards County High School received the People's Choice (High School, $50) for her drawing Respect

For a complete album of photos from the evening, visit Frontier Community College's Facebook page.

Featured artists for the 2018 show included:

  • Drawing - Lucas Gifford
  • Graphic Design - FCC's Graphic Arts & Design students
  • Painting - Caleb Shelby
  • Photography - Nathan Pearce
  • Sculpture - Tammy Lee
  • Stained Glass - Jeff & Janette Zurliene

Prior to the show's opening, all artwork was judged with First through Third Place ribbons awarded, as well as the Best of Show.  The results were as follows:

 Adult Painting

First:  Vicki Gifford - Kensey

Second:  Ron Bowles - Fireworks

Third:  Carol Phillips - Corn

 Adult Drawing

First:  Chelsie Walker - Ribbons

Second:  Amy Loss - Magic Dance

Third:  Polly Launay - Do You Trust Me?

 Adult Photography

First:  John Bayler - Cactus #1

Second: Tom Sparlin - Song Sparrow

Third:  Caleb Read - Frog on a Log

 Adult Sculpture

First:  Bill Irvine - Mountain Lodge

Second:  Brad Garrison - Time Traveling

Third:  Gayala Blackford - Butterfly Family of Jewels

 Adult Stained Glass

First:  Janette Zurliene - Pane in the Grass

Second:  Terry Prizer - Holly Wreath

Third:  Marlene Smith - Dragonfly on Steroids

 Adult Graphic Design

First:  Carly Burke - Women in Politics

Second:  Masor Borowiak - Sweet Dreams

Third:  Brogan Lavine - Space is Cool

 High School Painting

First:  Brianna Robinson, Edwards County High School, The City

Second:  Josiah Burckhartt, Richland County High School, Street Life at Night

Third: Allison Knackmuhs, Edwards County High School, Complementary Me

 High School Drawing

First:  Jayla Schwarzlose, Edwards County High School, Respect

Second:  Tara Thompson, Edwards County High School, Baby Me

Third:  Allison Knackmuhs, Edwards County High School, Self Portrait

 High School Photography

First:  Emily Lowery, Richland County High School, Night Changes

Second:  Katlyn Berberich, Grayville High School, River Cliff

Third:  Michael Koons, Grayville High School, Hoodless Blue Car

 High School Sculpture

First:  Brianna Robinson, Edwards County High School, The Silver City

Second:  Kylie Jackson, Wayne City High School, Obliteration Dress

Third:  Hannah Bahl, Richland County High School, Blue Hour

 High School Graphic Design

First:  Allison Costello, Flora High School, Will-o-the-Wisp

Second:  Shy Chrtt, Fairfield Community High School, Behind the Eyes

Third:  Shyanne Thomason, Edwards County High School, Kuroko


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