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Bookstore Charges Against Financial Aid-Book Voucher

Illinois Eastern Community Colleges makes it possible for students to succeed academically in their program of study by allowing them the opportunity to secure the books and supplies they will need in a timely manner and prior to the availability of their financial aid funds.  This is achieved through the issuance of a book voucher which is valid for payment at the colleges’ bookstores, on campus or online.

To be eligible for a book voucher, a student must have:
1)      received an award notice from the financial aid office;
2)      a credit balance after authorized financial aid is applied to the cost of tuition and fees; and
3)      a signed Title IV authorization form on file with the business office.

Students meeting these criteria at least 10 days prior to the beginning of the semester may see the business office for a book voucher.  The amount printed on the voucher is the amount available to the student for purchasing books and supplies. Students should take the voucher and their course schedule to the bookstore for assistance in purchasing all of the required materials. The bookstore will apply the charges on the student’s account to be paid by the student’s financial aid when it is available.

Programs for which a book voucher are allowable include Pell, FSEOG, Stafford Direct Loans, and Direct PLUS Loans.  Students should be aware that changes in a schedule, a downward adjustment of financial aid, or any other circumstance that results in a balance due at the bookstore, will be the responsibility of the student.

Students with a financial aid credit are not required to secure a book voucher and may choose to leave the credit on account to be disbursed.

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