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Financial Aid FAQ's


How do I create an FSA ID?
The FSA ID is the username and password students use to access federal student aid websites. For more information, click here.

How and when do I apply for financial aid?
You must complete a Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) to be considered for federal, state, and institutional funds that we award. See Apply for Aid for more details.

What is financial aid?
Financial aid is money/resources provided to help bridge the gap between your own resources and the amount needed to pay for the cost of attending college. See Financial Aid Handbook for more details. 

What is your school code and contact information?

See the Financial Aid Homepage for the Federal School Codes for the four IECC colleges.
See Financial Aid Contacts in the navigation menu on the left.

Why do I have to provide parental information?

Parent information is used because the U.S. Congress has said that families have the primary responsibility of funding a college education. Parent information is not necessary if you are independent.

You are not automatically independent for financial aid purposes simply because your parents stop claiming you as a tax exemption or refuse to give you support for your college education. Unwillingness, inability, or reluctance of parents to help pay for your educational costs and/or qualifying for in-state tuition do not make you independent by federal law.

The Financial Aid Office may make allowances for students to be independent if they can demonstrate extenuating family circumstances on a case by case basis. You must make an appointment with one of our financial aid specialists to discuss your circumstances.

The dependency questions on the FAFSA form will help determine your status.

What happens after I apply?
See the Financial Aid Processing section of the Financial Aid Handbook.

What is an "aid package"?
When you apply for financial aid, you do not have to apply for a particular type or amount of aid. Aid applicants are automatically considered for all available aid programs administered by our office. One or more types of aid are usually awarded in combination to make up a student's financial aid package. Students who receive scholarships from outside agencies or through their departments must inform our office and these scholarships will be included as a part of their financial aid package. You will need to make an appointment with the Financial Aid Office to apply for a loan.

When is my refund check available?
If you are due a refund, the checks will be mailed to you. You may check Entrata for specific dates and additional details.


If I withdraw from my classes, will I be required to repay the funds I received?
Enrollment changes can have a significant impact on your current financial aid awards as well as your future financial aid elibibility 
As a result of dropping or withdrawing from your classes, your financial aid may be reduced, or in some cases, suspended. See Return of Title IV Funds for additional information.  
Additionally, dropped or withdrawn classes are counted in determining your future financial aid eligibility per the Academic Satisfactory Progress Policy. See Satisfactory Academic Progress Policy for more information. Contact the Financial Aid Office prior to dropping or withdrawing from your classes.

If I am on financial aid warning, can I receive any awards?
Yes. You can receive awards while on financial aid warning, but must adhere to the special conditions listed on your warning letter.  See Satisfactory Academic Progress Policy for more information. 

Do I have to apply for financial aid each year?
Yes, you must apply for financial aid each year using the FAFSA. Students who are renewal-eligible and who qualify for reminders, will be sent renewal reminder notifications via email (if available and valid) or via regular U.S. mail (to the mailing address we have on file).  

How do I get a student job?
Part-time jobs are available on a first-come, first-serve basis through the Federal Work-Study program.  Eligibility is need-based and determined by completing the FAFSA.  See the Federal Work-Study section of the Financial Aid Handbook for additional information. 

Are you homeless or at risk of being homeless?
If the answer is yes, please go to for information and resources that could help you attend college. 

What if my financial situation changes?
If you (or your parents for dependent students) experience a change in financial situation, you can request that the Financial Aid Office reevaluate your aid eligibility. For more information, see Special Circumstances.
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