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Federal Work-Study

Participation in the Department of Education's Federal Work-Study program allows for part-time jobs to students who have demonstrated financial need, as determined by their FAFSA results.  As with other grant programs, an awarded amount is established for each student.  This amount, along with class schedule and academic progress, will be factors in determining a work schedule. Students will be paid hourly based on the current state minimum wage.  Student workers are assigned to various jobs on campus with an attempt to place in a job that enhances the student's area of study.  During a week of instruction, they may not work in excess of 20 hours.  IECC, like other participating institutions, receives a limited amount of funds for Work Study each year from the U.S. Department of Education.  For this reason, awards to students are on a first-come, first-serve basis. 

Students who have been awarded Federal Work-Study (as identified on their award notice) should contact the Financial Aid office for placement options and employment paperwork.  Employment will not begin until appropriate documents are completed and all requirements addressed. The amount listed on the student's award notice reflects the maximum income that may be earned for Federal Work Study employment during the aid year.  The Financial Aid Coordinator at the college should be contacted regarding any requests for award adjustments. 

To apply for Federal Work-Study, the student must first complete the FAFSA (See Apply for Aid - FAFSA in the navigation menu on the left) and then indicate a desire for Work-Study on IECC's Data Sheet and Contract (available under Forms in the navigation menu on the left or in the college financial aid office.)  

See Financial Aid 101 in the navigation menu on the left to review general Title IV eligibility requirements.   

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