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Illinois MAP Grant

IECC participates in the Monetary Award Program (MAP).  This grant is awarded by the State of Illinois, through the Illinois Student Assistance Commission (ISAC), to undergraduate Illinois students. The grant covers tuition and mandatory fees only, up to a maximum award each year.   Students can use no more than 75 MAP-paid credit hours while enrolled at the freshman or sophomore level.  The budget is limited and funds are distributed on a first-come, first-serve basis.

Students must complete the FAFSA in order to apply.  Certain identified items relating to Illinois residency must be completed on the FAFSA in order to be considered for an Illinois grant.

See Financial Aid 101 in the navigation menu on the left to review general Title IV eligibility requirements.  
In addition to the general eligibility requirements:

  • Must be an Illinois resident (If a dependent, the parent whose information is used on the FAFSA must be an Illinois   resident)
  • Must not be incarcerated
  • Must be enrolled a minimum of 3 hours per term in a degree or certificate program  . 

The student and family data on the FAFSA are forwarded to the State of Illinois and inserted into a state formula that determines student eligibility for MAP, which is based on financial need. The state also determines which semesters the student is eligible for (based upon the FAFSA processing deadline dates) and whether the student's need level allows a full or partial MAP grant. The college must then check residency status, satisfactory progress, and other eligibility criteria. If the student meets all the eligibility criteria and has not already reached the limit of MAP-paid credit hours allowed, he/she is selected as a MAP recipient.

Whether or not a student receives a full or partial award is determined by the state formula. The full award pays an ISAC-approved amount towards tuition and mandatory fees for enrollment in 3-15 credit hours. The student will be paid on a prorated basis depending on the number of enrolled credit hours. The award will be based on 15 credit hours per semester. A student enrolled in 5 credit hours will be paid 5/15 of the award. If a student drops out of a class before the end of the term, the MAP grant may pay for only a portion of the tuition and fees.

Additional information, including Illinois residency criteria, award amounts, funds disbursement, etc. is available at

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