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Kat Mykals Radio Host/Promotions Director-WDKS Radio in Evansville, IN


Her love of music has always been an integral part of Kat Mykals’ life, from her “life as a flute-toting band member” in high school to “life in headphones” as a radio DJ!

Kat Mykals enrolled at Wabash Valley College during the Spring Semester of 2004 as a student in the Radio-TV Broadcasting program. Commenting on her education at WVC, Kat said that she learned so much about the broadcast industry during her time at WVC and gained valuable hands-on experience as well. Praising her experience, she said, “Thanks to all of the invaluable knowledge that I gained, I was able to begin my radio career even before finishing the 2-year Associate’s Degree. I was hired for my first paid radio gig on June 6, 2006 on WABX, a Classic Rock station owned at the time by South Carolina Media. In the fall of 2006, I went on to complete the Radio-TV Broadcasting program and obtained my degree.”

Since her time at WVC, Kat has continued to grow as an on-air personality. She went from a part-time weekend personality to a full-time midday show while on WABX. Continuing with her radio career, Kat changed stations, clusters, and formats in March 2011. She helped launch a morning show with her current friend and co-worker, “The Rob.” “The Rob’s Radio Show with Kat Mykals” is still going strong every weekday morning, and her career continues to grow.

Aside from her on-air responsibilities, Kat is also the Promotions Director for WDKS. With a love of music still an integral part of Kat’s life, Kat Mykals excitedly says, “I wake up every day and get to do what I love and am passionate about, and it is thanks to my degree in Radio-TV Broadcasting from WVC!”

The outstanding radio personality Kat Mykals currently resides in Evansville, IN with her fiancé,
Shawn, their children, and two cats.

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