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OCC Graduate Rude - Certified Financial Planner

As a certified financial planner, Chelsea Rude enjoys helping others as they prepare for the future. Whether it’s saving for retirement or a child’s education, she is ready to assist area residents as they navigate the often over-whelming world of personal finance.

“I went into this wanting to help people and there is no better feeling than helping the people you know and grew up with,” said Rude, an investment executive with the TrustBank Financial & Investment Center in Olney. “I love being a part of this community.”
Rude’s own educational journey began at Olney Central College.
“Being local was one of the biggest factors in my decision to attend OCC. It also offered a lot of flexibility,” Rude added. “I was employed at TrustBank while attending school and my schedule made it possible for me to work almost full-time. I was able to pay for my classes as I went.”
OCC’s online courses also allowed Rude to reduce required classroom time.

“It was a nice benefit to have that option,” she said. “I liked the courses because even though you were taking them online, it didn’t feel that way. The teachers were still very much hands-on and they wanted to help you. The online classes still had that same small school feel that I enjoyed in my other classes.”

Although Rude knew she wanted to pursue a business degree, the West Richland High School graduate says it was OCC’s microeconomics and macroeconomics courses, which were instrumental in helping her to choose a specific major.
“They really triggered my interest in finance,” she said. “OCC offered a sprinkling of several types of business courses. It was nice to be able to sample all of these different areas. It enabled me to make a better decision on where I wanted to go.”
After completing her associate’s degree in December 2008, Rude transferred to Eastern Illinois University.
“I was immediately accepted into the school of business and all of my classes were accepted,” she said. “Being successful in your first two years is so important before you take that next step to a four-year university and you can get such a good start at OCC. OCC definitely prepared me for EIU, even the classes that weren’t directly related to my major, like English. I used those skills and needed them as I continued my studies.”

Rude received her bachelor’s degree in finance from EIU in May 2011. She later completed her Certified Financial Planner certification and joined a private financial firm in Champaign-Urbana. Rude worked there for four years until she and her husband, Bill, decided to return to the Olney area to be closer to family.
Rude contacted her former employer, TrustBank, about possible opportunities with the institution and was hired for its newly created Wealth Management Service.

Rude also renewed her ties with OCC in 2015 joining the Olney Central College Foundation’s Executive Board.
“I’m not sure the kids appreciate how lucky they are to have a college here and take it for granted,” she said. “OCC is such a good school and an excellent value. I know the parents understand, but I think it’s harder for younger kids to realize that they can get an excellent education right here in Olney. The community is so lucky to have such a good school here.”

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