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OCC Graduate Now Working as Nashville Chiropractor


For Dr. Jesse Riley, the path from high school student to working in one of Nashville, Tenn.’s leading chiropractic centers began at Olney Central College.

The Olney native took summer classes at OCC and was impressed by the Science and Pre-Medicine programs.

“The faculty was probably the biggest reason I chose OCC,” Riley said. “OCC offered a greater opportunity to get to know my teachers. They are really personable and help you in any way they can. They make sure you understand the material and that you are learning. They were always going above and beyond.”

He added, “I chose OCC because it felt like the right fit for me. It provided an easier transition from high school than going to a bigger school. It also made me a more diligent student and prepared me for the next step.”

Riley completed his associate’s degree at OCC in 2006 and transferred to Southern Illinois University at Edwardsville.

“I knew I wanted to be in the medical field, but as an undergraduate I didn’t know if I wanted to be a medical doctor, a physical therapist or a chiropractor,” he said.

After completing his bachelor’s degree in biomedical sciences, Riley chose to attend Logan University in St. Louis and begin a master’s degree in Sports Science and Rehabilitation.

During his graduate studies, Riley had an opportunity to shadow both chiropractors and medical doctors.

“The chiropractors I worked with really resonated with me,” he said. “They had the same idea for care and treatment I did.”

Riley completed his master’s degree in 2012 and decided to pursue a Doctor of Chiropractic Degree at Logan University. While working on his doctorate studies, Riley attended several seminars, which led to an invitation from one presenter to work with him at a large sports medical clinic in Beverly Hills, Calif. During the yearlong internship, Riley treated a variety of patients including Olympic athletes.

Riley completed his studies in December 2013. He joined the Active Spine and Joint Center in July, where he has been working with Dr. Jason Hulme, a leading Nashville chiropractor.

“I really enjoy the experience and my boss is amazing,” Riley said. “Every day is different. I like the challenge not only of treating a patient, but pinpointing the cause of their problem. It is like unraveling a mystery. Every day you have to put the puzzle together. You put on your Sherlock Holmes hat and try to figure out why a person came in with pain.”

In his work, Riley performs chiropractic manipulations while also concentrating on functional movement and biomechanics for the improvement of the patient’s life and for preventative purposes.

“Knowing you are able to change people’s lives for the better because they are out of pain and exercising or getting to pick up their grandkids is great,” he added.

Riley said OCC and its faculty were instrumental in helping him to reach his career goal.

“I was really happy with my experience at OCC,” he said. “It prepared me well. The faculty was great. If you had a question, you could always feel free to ask them. If anyone has the opportunity to go to OCC, they should take advantage of it.”




















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