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Frontier Community College Was the Perfect Start for 2006 Graduate Leah Baumann Holman



 Eleven years ago, Fairfield native Leah Baumann Holman graduated from high school and chose to attend Frontier Community College. Staying at home made all the difference. She had the freedom to explore opportunities and build a solid footing before transferring to a four year university.

 Leah liked the flexible class schedule at Frontier Community College and the block style classes that met only once or twice per week. She could increase or decrease hours as needed to achieve her personal goals. Leah also noted the high school dual credits were an excellent launch pad to completing an associate degree, which saved her both time and money.  

 As a student at Frontier Community College, Leah was accepted into membership of Phi Theta Kappa, a national honor society among two-year colleges. She enjoyed the Beta Alpha Lambda Chapter activities on campus as well as traveling to regional and national conferences. “Being involved in PTK allowed me to get involved with other students and the opportunity to travel to Seattle and Chicago,” stated Leah. “Attending the conferences opened up different perspectives that I would not have experienced in Southern Illinois and expanded my personal career values.”

 Leah completed the Associate in Science degree in May 2006, just one year following her high school graduation. “I had a hard time deciding at the end of my senior year where to attend college – should I stay home or go away,” stated Leah. “Choosing to attend Frontier Community College worked out well for me.”

 In the fall of 2006, Leah transferred to the University of Southern Indiana in Evansville. “It was a seamless transfer. All of my courses transferred.” Leah knew she was interested in a career in healthcare and chose to focus on the administrative side. She graduated with a Bachelor’s degree in Health Service Administration in 2008.

 Immediately after graduating from USI, Leah accepted a position as the Administrative Projects Coordinator at Orthopedic Associates, Inc., in Evansville. Responsibilities included physician and provider credentialing, front desk assistance, and administrative projects.   She remained at this position for three years until she and her husband moved to Nashville, Tennessee.

 In April 2011 Leah began working for MEDHOST, Inc., a healthcare technology company that provides comprehensive clinical and financial enterprise solutions to the healthcare delivery marketplace.   She began as a Focus Manager, assisting customers (community hospitals) around the United States with acclimating to the electronic solutions.   She was eventually promoted as the Customer Relationship Manager for the Hosted and Managed Services division, providing customer relationship management for over 35 customers. Responsibilities included direct to customer conversations about the products and future functionality, issue management and resolution, providing an ear to the customer’s needs and product enhancement requests, providing customer feedback to the business regarding overall satisfaction with the services, products, and delivery, and just being a trusted point of contact for the customers.

For just over two years, Leah served as the Customer Relationship Manager for the YourCareUniverse, Inc. division, a small start-up, owned by MEDHOST, Inc., which provides hospitals and hospital corporations with patient and provider portals, analytics, and consumer relationship management tools, as well as an interactive consumer content site. A year ago, Leah was promoted to the Senior Manager of Marketing and Implementation Services for MEDHOST under the YourCareEverywhere consumer platform.

 “I would recommend Frontier Community College to anyone who is looking to take the first step in furthering their education but maybe undecided about what university they want to attend or what their career path looks like,” stated Leah. “It’s a great launch-pad to any institution of higher education for those with aspiring goals for their future.”

 Leah is the daughter of Brenda and Keith Baumann of Fairfield. She and her husband Bryce reside in Tennessee. He too is a Fairfield native and the son of Joe and Pam Holman.  


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