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Terry Chrtt Returns to Frontier as Information Technology Technician

Terry Chrtt has long had a passion for computers. Little did he know the passion he had in high school would turn into his current career.

An Army veteran, Chrtt joined the service in January 1992 to become an Army Ranger. Directly after basic training, he was sent to Airborne Jump School before returning to the Ranger Indoctrination Program (RIP). Circumstances at the time assigned him to a Long Range Surveillance Detachment (LRSD) of Military Intelligence in Fort Polk, Louisiana prior to being able to complete the RIP. After arriving in Ft. Polk, his unit began preparation for a Joint Task Force Mission with the DEA in the Four Corners region near Shiprock, New Mexico.

His efforts during the Joint Task Force Mission were noticed, as he was then sent to the Primary Development Leadership Course (PLDC) and graduated second in his class, all before his first year in the Army. Shortly after, his unit was transferred to Ft. Hood, Texas where he was promoted to Corporal, graduated from Reconnaissance and Surveillance Leaders Course, and participated in a Joint Task Force mission with the Border Patrol in Southern California.
In 1994, Chrtt received orders to go to Korea for a year where he was stationed on the demilitarized zone just across the border from North Korea. While in Korea, Chrtt was promoted to Sergeant, and was selected to be the company’s Operations Sergeant.
The following year, Chrtt’s orders brought him back to the United States to Ft. Campbell, Kentucky where he married and started a family. Assigned as the Infantry Battalion’s Ammunitions Sergeant, he controlled the ammunition account for the battalion, as well as working with other units such as Special Forces, Seal Teams, and the Winchester experimental ammunitions group.
At the end of his service in 1996, Chrtt moved his family to Enfield where his wife was from, and began working at Airtex Products in Fairfield.

Fast forward to 2014, and Chrtt found himself in the middle of the Airtex layoff that put many people out of work with an opportunity to return to school. Chrtt saw this as an opportunity to get back into his passion for computer science since Frontier offered the Information Systems Support program at the time. While at FCC, Chrtt excelled in the program and received many honors for his work: High Honors graduate, multiple Chief Executive Officer’s Honors Awards, Information Systems Support Outstanding Student two years in a row, Who’s Who Among Students in American Junior Colleges two years, and the Student of Character Award. In 2016 Chrtt graduated with his Associate in Applied Science in Information Systems Support with the following certificates: ISS Specialist, Hardware Support Specialist, Applications Specialist, Network+, A+, and Microsoft Certified Applications.

Chrtt began his internship for the Fairfield School District #112 at the local grade schools during his last semester at Frontier. His hard work paid off as he was hired at the end of his internship to continue working there through the summer of 2017 when Chrtt had the opportunity to return to FCC – this time as an employee.
“I really enjoyed my time working at the grade schools. I had a fantastic supervisor who believed in me and I worked with some truly wonderful people. It was great getting some hands on, real world experience.”
Chrtt began working at Frontier Community College on July 24, 2017 as the Information Technology Technician. At FCC, Chrtt is responsible for assisting in the building and maintaining of campus computer systems and networks to maximize the role of technology. The education he obtained at FCC is now serving him well as an FCC employee.
“(By going back to school) I was able to get back into doing something I really enjoy. The ISS program gave me the skills and tools that I needed to succeed as a computer technician and basically taught me most of what I need to know to do the job that I currently hold.”

Besides his Associate Degree, Chrtt also holds a Bachelor of Arts degree in Business Economics from the University of Minnesota – Morris. At home, Chrtt enjoys spending time with his children. He has two adult children – daughter Frankie and son Jacob, as well as 15-year-old triplets who are currently sophomores at Fairfield Community High School – daughter Shy and sons Colton and Dakota. The remainder of his immediate family live in his home states of Minnesota and South Dakota.
An avid pool player, Chrtt has been playing for more than 35 years. He enjoys playing in a pool league in Grayville, as well as tournaments on occasion. Chrtt also enjoys watching football, supporting his home state team – the Minnesota Vikings.
Chrtt is excited to be part of the staff at Frontier Community College, stating, “I have always been a bit of a computer enthusiast dating back to high school. I am excited to be working at FCC as the IT Tech, and I am looking forward to growing in the job and learning so many new things.”


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