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Brines Pays It Forward to WVC Foundation

Toni BrineThe time was 1975 – a young lady had just graduated from a neighboring Indiana county high school and was looking for a convenient place to go to school. She found WVC and Mt. Carmel to be a welcoming place and not so overwhelming in size. She was looking for something “short and sweet” so that she could get started working and support herself. So she enrolled in the Cosmetology program and graduated 9 months later.

 Fast Forward to 1995 (20 years and 3 children later) – Toni was a homemaker, mother, and worked part time for some extra family spending money. The week after their oldest son graduated from high school, she and her son met with a WVC Counselor to sign him up for Fall classes. While talking to the Counselor, Toni asked him what classes/programs they had for her, and he quickly pulled out all the brochures with her options. She signed up and was in summer classes the next day. As Toni said… “You see, with our oldest starting college and 2 more behind him, I realized we needed some more income to finish raising and educating our children.”

 Toni goes on to say…. “What I found very beneficial at WVC is how the instructors worked together for the betterment of the students and how the different programs overlapped so students could get credit from a class for more than one degree. Long-story short, I ended up with 3 Associate Degrees. And to think this all started from me just asking the counselor what programs they had for me.”

 Currently, Toni is a Financial Advisor for Edward Jones investment firm. While still taking classes at WVC, she was recruited by an employee of this firm, and she just passed her 17-year anniversary with the company. Giving credit to WVC, Toni noted…. “I credit the education, skills, and experience that I received from WVC for the very rewarding job that I have today. I have the pleasure and satisfaction of working with clients so that they can be financially prepared for their retirement, or for their children’s education, or other future financial needs.”

 “Another thing I am very proud of is that all 5 members of my family (myself, husband, and all 3 children) are WVC graduates. We are an “All-Family WVC Alumni.” WVC has served this family well and allowed us convenient and affordable education that resulted in successful careers for all of us.”

 While a student at Wabash Valley College and busy mother of 3, Toni dedicated herself to attaining excellence which was demonstrated in many accolades and honors, including: Bo Cook Vocational-Technical Scholarship (1996), “Outstanding Student of the Year” Award (1997), Chief Executive Officer’s Academic Honor Award (1996), and Chancellor’s Academic Honor Award (1996).

 In commenting on Toni Brines as a student in his program, Lead Instructor of the Marketing Business Management program, Dave Wilderman, said…. “Toni Brines worked hard in every aspect of her education in the Business Program. She was very involved in all aspects of our activities, including the Business Club projects and the annual trip. Toni demonstrated her very helpful and cheerful attitude by unifying the business students and keeping the Business Club organized and on task. As most of the students that come through the Marketing Business Management program, Toni was another I was fortunate to have worked with as instructor and advisor.”

 Toni’s love for Wabash Valley College continues as she now serves as a very active Director on the Wabash Valley College Foundation Board.



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