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FCC Grad Morgan Land, Senior Counselor


Morgan Land
Morgan Land
Senior Counselor

Morgan Land finds great satisfaction helping others improve their quality of life. As a Mental Health Specialist for Senior Life Solutions at Fairfield Memorial Hospital, Land is able to see positive results basically every day. Her clients are senior adults who suffer with depression, anxiety, or bereavement. 

Land’s responsibilities include assessing the individual and facilitating group therapy. One of the first steps is performing a psychological and social assessment to determine if the individual qualifies for the program. This is done through a detailed history evaluation on the person’s childhood, education work, substance abuse, and so forth. A geriatric depression scale is also used in determining the individual’s need. The group therapy begins each day with an educational health topic, followed with discussions of life challenges and ways to cope with the present and future, and ends with a variety of fun activities that encourage cognitive stimulation. 

Following her high school graduation in 2001, Land enrolled at Frontier Community College. She was fairly certain she wanted to pursue a degree in social work but not definite. “I knew if I went to the university I needed to declare a major,” stated Land. “By going to Frontier, I was able to take the general education classes and take my time to think about what I wanted to do. It was a good decision; the small class sizes were nice and having personal instructors helped me work through my ideas and goals.” 

Land earned an Associate’s Degree from Frontier in 2003 and transferred to Southern Illinois University at Carbondale. In May 2005 she graduated with a Bachelor of Arts degree in Social Work and remained at SIU-C until May 2006 when she completed the Master of School Social Work degree.

Prior to her current job, Land worked for Lutheran Social Services in Marion, Illinois. She started as a case aide working with foster care. Her duties as an aide included picking up children in foster care and taking them to visit with their biological parents. She was promoted to a case worker and remained working with foster care. In August 2009, she accepted the position with FMH Senior Life Solutions.

When thinking about where she is today with her career, Land credits her parents for a rational upbringing and instilling strong values and responsibility that have taught her to give back and assist people with their needs.

“Assisting people in getting their needs met and helping them improve their quality of life is great,” stated Land. “Watching the clients progress is amazing.”

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