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Resumes and Cover Letters

Having a well-written resume and cover letter are vital pieces when applying to a job these days. Not only is it important to market your skills, experience, and education, it also can show a potential employer how well put together you are. Having a clean, easy-to-read, tactful resume and cover letter can help lead you to an interview and possible job offer!

Here we have provided resources for you related to all things resume and cover letter. Resume examples by type and by career path, as well as some resume templates - just plug in your information and go!

Useful Links 

Resume Info Worksheet

Chronological vs Functional Resume or the Combination Resume

Resume Samples

Resume Tips

Resume Action Words by Skill Types

Resume Category Headings & Titles

Cover Letter Samples

Cover Letter Template

Cover Letter Tips

Reference Tips


Useful Templates

Resume Template

Resume Template-New Grad


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