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End of Course Surveys

At the end of each term, IECC administers an end-of-course survey to students with the purpose of collecting data, both quantitative and qualitative, to provide instructors and administrators insights and perspectives into the teaching and learning environment. After each term, the data is made available to faculty inside of Campus Labs’ Faculty module.  Reports are only made available from sections that have met the desired participation threshold to protect student anonymity.  

IECC End of Course Survey Template

Faculty Participation - this is the most important one of all! Faculty must talk about evaluations in class as this is the primary form of communication students will receive when on campus. If faculty do not talk about it, you'll find your response rates are much lower than they should be, but once those faculty participate you'll see those rates rise!



Preparing your Students

The Student Experience

Improving  Response Rates

Getting and Interpreting my Reports

Faculty Dashboard

How to View Your Responses Rates

Accessing Your Results and Trend Analysis

Professional Development 

Top 10 Ways to Boost Student Response Rates in Course Evaluation (Video)


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