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IAI General Education Core Curriculum (GECC)

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Illinois Eastern Community Colleges participate in the Illinois Articulation Initiative (IAI), a statewide agreement that allows for the transfer of a core curriculum that is transferable among more than 100 participating colleges and universities in Illinois.  IAI works best for students who know they are going to transfer, but undecided on the college or university that will grant their baccalaureate degree.  This agreement became effective for IECC students who began college in the summer of 1998 or later.

The General Education Core Curriculum (GECC) is the starting point for students pursuing an associate transfer degree or a bachelor's degree.  These students must take a set of core courses considered an essential foundation for a well-rounded education.  This core consists of 12 to 13 courses, or 37 to 41 credits. Click here for a complete list of approved IECC GECC courses and the corresponding IAI code.  The IAI codes can be explained further by an academic advisor or through the IAI website at

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