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Developmental (Remedial) Courses

Developmental (remedial) courses are designed to bring basic skills in mathematics, English, science and reading comprehension  to a level generaly expected of entry-level college students.   on placement testing will be required to take developmental courses prior to admission into a degree or certificate (of 16 credit hours or more) program.  Non-degree students who later elect to seek a degree or certificate (of 16 credit  hours or more) must meet all regular admission and placement requirements.  Credits earned in developmental courses cannot be applied toward a certificate or an associate degree and are not calculated in the grade point average.

Developmental reading courses will be given priority over other developmental courses and must be taken first. Placement in other developmental courses will be based on the student’s program of study. 

Developmental courses must be completed prior to enrollment in a college‐level course in the same area of study. Students enrolled in developmental courses must obtain the appropriate college official's approval if the student requests to take more than twenty (20) credit hours in the fall or spring terms and more than twelve (12) credit hours in the summer term. Students requiring developmental coursework may require enrollment in an additional term to complete graduation requirements. 

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