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Student Complaints

(Consumer Information Disclosure)

Students are encouraged to make an effort to resolve concerns in an informal manner by first talking directly with the college representative involved.  IECC strives to respond to student concerns in a prompt and responsive manner.  The following provides information on the policies and processes for addressing various student complaints.

Policy to Address a Complaint (100.16) This policy applies to all employees, faculty, and students of Illinois Eastern Community Colleges District 529 except for sexual harassment complaints, student readmission petitions, and grievances under the faculty collective bargaining contract. The purpose is to provide for the prompt and equitable resolution of complaints.  
The student complaint process outlined in this policy includes, but is not limited to, academics, grading, and institutional decisions which directly affect a student.  Readmission by petition is governed by the procedure detailed here.  Sexual harassment complaints are governed by the Preventing Sexual Misconduct Policy.


Complaint Process for Out-of-State Students in Distance Education  This information applies to students who are enrolled at IECC in Distance Education courses and live outside of Illinois.


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