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Course Repeat Policy (500.4)

A. A student may repeat a course without formal written permission of the college when one of the
following three conditions is met (indicating eligibility of credit hour grant funding):

     1. If, during the student's first enrollment in the course, the student completed the course and earned
         less than a grade of C or withdrew after midterm, the student may enroll in the course one
         additional time;

      2. If a course has been approved by the ICCB to be repeated, the student may repeat the course as
          many times as approved by ICCB; or,

      3. If the last time the student completed the course was at least four years previously, and the
          student repeated the course to upgrade his/her skills in that area. This option may only be utilized
          once per course.

The Board of Trustees established tuition rate shall apply.

B. A student may repeat a course with formal written permission of the college when the student has
previously completed the course and was claimed for credit hour grant funding. The student may be
claimed for retaking the course if the student uses his/her option to retake the course tuition free
under the college's educational guarantee program. Provisions set forth in the Educational Guarantee
Policies shall apply.

C. When a student repeats a course that is not eligible for credit hour grant funding (eligibility outlined in
section A above), all students, except international students, will pay the applicable out-of-state tuition
rate for the course enrolled. For international students, the Board of Trustees established tuition rate
shall apply.

D. For courses that were approved by ICCB to be repeated, all grades will appear on the transcript and
be calculated in the GPA.

E. For any other courses that are repeated, grades are recorded on the student's transcript. The higher of
the grades and its credit will be used in computing the cumulative grade point average. The other
course grade(s) will be suffixed with an "R" to indicate the course was repeated and will not be used
in computing grade point average.

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