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General Education Core Curriculum (GECC) Credential - C104

Available at all 4 IECC colleges, the General Education Core Curriculum Credential is designed for those students who are unsure about a career, major, or program, but plan on transferring to a four-year institution in Illinois. Completion of this credential ensures the student can seamlessly transfer to an in-state four-year institution, having satisfied their general education requirements. This credential, consisting of 37-41 semester credit hours, is not a degree or certificate, nor is it an industry-recognized credential.

The General Education Core Curriculum Credential is comprised of only Illinois Articulation Initiative (IAI) approved general education courses--a majority of which are offered online. For a listing of IECC approved courses, click here.

Students are required to complete 37-41 semester credit hours in the areas of:

I. Communications:  9 semester credits
   (Must include a two-course sequence in writing and one course in oral communication.)

II. Humanities & Fine Arts 9 semester credits
    (Must include one humanities course and one fine arts course.)

III. Mathematics:  3-6 semester credits

IV. Physical and Life Sciences:  7-8 semester credits
     (One course must be a physical science and one course must be a life science. Must include at least one laboratory course.)

V. Social and Behavioral Sciences:  9 semester credits
     (Must include courses from at least two disciplines)

NOTE: Students must select one course from the Humanities & Fine Arts OR Social & Behavioral Science areas that will fulfill the human diversity requirement.  

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