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OCC Cozy Corner Mission

1. Create a safe, accepting and stimulating environment in which children can play and learn during their time away from the parent/guardian.

2. Foster a sense of self-worth, security and confidence through interaction with adults and other children.

3. Provide activities which will enhance development of social, physical and academic skills.

4. Encourage independence skills, self-direction, self-control and problem-solving.

5. Teach children to salute our country’s flag and respect the country we live in.

6. Utilize large motor skills during outdoor activities or playing in the gym.

7. Provide an opportunity for quiet activities including an area with a large variety of multi-cultural books.

8. Develop readiness for kindergarten.

9. Develop small motor skills by providing creative crafts, allowing creative freedom of expression and occasional structured crafts at different holiday times.

10. Provide large group activities and small group learning experiences.

11. Provide circle time with singing, finger plays, stories and share day to encourage children to become verbal in their expression.

12. Provide awareness of their surrounding community through special invited guests such as a dentist, a firefighter and a police officer.

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