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Bev Mathews

Cozy Corner Director


618-395-7777, ext. 2100

Bev Mathews joined Cozy Corner as a teacher’s aid in 2005 and has served as the director since 2012. A graduate of Olney Central College, she earned an associate’s degree in paraprofessional education and has completed several early childhood education courses. She also holds both CPR and First Aid certifications.

“I enjoy the children and their company,” Bev said. “I look forward to greeting them each morning, making them feel welcome and playing with them. They are honest little people with big hearts. You can’t go wrong with a job that makes little ones feel loved and happy.”

Over the years, Bev has worked hard to create a close-knit environment where children can both grow and thrive.

“We are a smaller daycare and that gives us the opportunity to do more one-on-one with the children. I love that part of the job,” she added. “We are like a close family. We have a bond with the children and the parents that makes everyone feel comfortable and at home.”