OCC Tutoring Services

Olney Central College is dedicated to ensuring student success. If you are struggling or falling behind in a class, help is available, simply contact your instructor. You can schedule a time to meet with your instructor during his or her set office hours, which are typically posted outside the office door.

During the meeting, discuss the difficulties you are experiencing in the classroom. Your instructor may have tips for improving your study habits and better engaging in the course. You can also request a tutor at this time. Free tutoring is available for all subjects and all students. 

After meeting with your instructor, contact the Academic Success Center, which is located in the back of the Anderson Library.

Writing Assistance

Online tutors are available to assist you with writing assignments. Contact the ASC for additional information to get started.

Tutors Needed

The Academic Success Center is always seeking qualified part-time tutors. Qualifications include completion of a course with an A or B, along with a flexible schedule.