Drone Technology



Business and industry around the globe are incorporating drone technology to reduce costs, increase efficiency and boost profits. 


The agriculture industry is continually finding new ways to incorporate drones into precision farming operations. Growers are utilizing drone technology to evaluate crops more efficiently and identify trouble spots over larger areas. 


In the construction industry, drones allow for better site monitoring and can assist in calculating material and inventory. They enable managers to collect better site data while capturing extensive aerial views and detailed images of tight spaces.


Insurance agencies across the country are utilizing drone technology to improve efficiency and effectiveness in claim adjustment processing. With drones, adjusters can inspect roofs and other hard to access areas, while remaining safely on the ground.

Real Estate

Real estate professionals are turning to drone technology to showcase residential, commercial and land parcels. Aerial imagery can make a property more appealing to potential buyers, especially for a larger house or bigger piece of land. Drone videography also can be used to create 3D maps of a property.


The occupations and wages identified below are representative of typical careers students in this program may secure upon graduation or upon completion of additional education and/or certifications. It is important to consult an academic advisor for assistance in coordinating your education track with your career path to ensure the journey is a smooth one.