Academic Success Center

The mission of the Academic Success Center at Olney Central College is to be of academic assistance to all students at OCC. The ASC works with students through tutoring and developmental courses. Students with specific learning needs are encouraged to visit the ASC as soon after registration as possible.

Testing Services

Accuplacer placement testing is available in the Academic Success Center. The ASC is located within the Anderson Library.

ABE/GED Classes

Registration for Adult Basic Education and GED classes is available through the Academic Success Center.

Developmental Classes

Data suggests more than 50 percent of students may need coursework in Mathematics and/or Reading and Writing to better equip them for college-level coursework. At OCC, our mission with developmental courses is clear. We seek to prepare students as completely and as quickly as the student is able. We have designed coursework and delivery methods to serve the students. We also work to connect students with tutors who provide strong support.

Disability Services

Olney Central College is a caring and supportive community with high academic and personal expectations for all students. The Academic Success Center endeavors to provide resources, support, and accommodations for students with disabilities, striving to remove any possible barrier to your educational success. We’re excited to have you on campus and look forward to collaborating with you as you work to achieve your academic goals.

Click here for more information and guidelines for requesting reasonable accommodations.

After reviewing the guidelines, contact your ADA Coordinator:


Mail: Olney Central College, Academic Success Center, 305 N. West St., Olney, IL 62450

Fax: Attention Chad Groves: 618.395.7777