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The LTC Eagleton Library and Academic Success Center pair together to offer resources beneficial to all college-level students.  The Library is part of the CARLI (Consortium of Academic and Research Libraries in IL) and a great resource for students needing assistance with research.  Students can use the online catalogs, the physical catalog at LTC, or order texts from other members of CARLI.  Kelly Mullins, located at the circulation desk, can assist students in determining resource availability and help students with their research needs.  Each LTC student ID has a library barcode on the backside.  To activate the barcode, please visit Kelly.  

The Academic Success Center (ASC) has many services, including ADA coordination, ACCUPLACER testing, tutoring, and study skill resources.  Rena Gower leads the ASC and can be reached at 618-544-8657 ext. 1427 or

LTC offers both face-to-face and virtual tutoring.  For face-to-face tutoring, please see Rena Gower in the Eagleton Library.  Virtual tutoring is available with Brainfuse.  To access Brainfuse, students should log into Canvas, scroll down, and click on the blue tutoring link on the bottom left of the screen. Students can choose the time and subject when scheduling a tutoring session. Then, when it is time for the session, they will go back into Brainfuse the same way, hover over their username in the top right corner, and under the dropdown menu choose My Calendar to enter the tutoring session.  Additionally, students can reach out to Jamie Carman, Retention Coordinator, for assistance setting up tutoring.

LTC instructors are a great resource for dual credit students and there are many ways students can utilize them as a resource.  Many instructors are available within their classroom shortly before classes and after classes.  We know dual credit students are usually on a strict schedule to return to their high school but are able to utilize this time whenever possible.  Students can also refer to their syllabus to find out what office hours their instructor offers.  Each instructor is required to provide office hour information on their syllabus as well as their office location.  Some instructors might be available in their classroom and others might be in the LTC faculty office.  The faculty office is in Williams Hall across from the bookstore.  For students taking online classes or who are unable to meet in person, you can look for virtual office hours or request a virtual meeting with your instructor.  

The LTC bookstore, located in Williams Hall, is a great resource for acquiring textbooks for students.  To obtain textbooks, students can go in person to the bookstore or order online.  Students who want to go in person will need to stop at the Admissions & Records window or go online through Entrata to print their student schedule before heading to the bookstore.  The printed schedule will allow the bookstore to ensure the correct texts for the class(es) are purchased.

For online classes or if students want to order textbooks online, please visit  If you are ordering for LTC face-to-face classes or for classes that are online through LTC, select the LTC bookstore.  If you are taking a class online through one of the IECC sister institutions (your advisors will make sure to notify you), you will need to select the corresponding bookstore.  For the sister campuses, students can have their boxes shipped to them but will have to pay the shipping costs.  

Course textbooks can take many forms.  Students may need a textbook, an online access code, a workbook, or something else.  Make sure you refer to the syllabus to ensure you obtain all required materials.  If students decide to buy elsewhere, we would emphasize how important it is to use an ISBN number when ordering.  Many textbook companies release revised and updated editions and information or work might vary between editions.    

We always encourage students to start by speaking with their instructor or reaching out to the Retention Coordinator or their Academic Advisor.  If it is appropriate, they will let students know if they should arrange a meeting with Dean Boyce.

While many dual credit students might not deal with the Dean of Instruction’s office while at LTC, there are a few times in which students might contact the office.  Students who are having concerns with their instructors, need to reschedule a final exam, or need to file an academic petition should stop by Student Services or contact Jackie Shamhart ( or 618-544-8657 ext. 1165) asking to make an appointment with Dean Boyce.