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LTC Dual Credit Dates to Remember

There are many dates to remember; however, these vary from semester to semester.  You can find all of these noted on the Academic Calendar or you can contact your advisor with any questions.  

  • Orientation – takes place in August prior to the start of the semester.  Students taking dual credit anytime in that school year are welcome to attend.
  • First Day of Classes – this may differ from the first day at the high school.  Students should still attend even if the high school is not yet in session.
  • 10 Day Drop Deadline – the period in which students can still drop a class without it showing on their transcript and receive refunds on tuition and fees.  
  • Midterm – courses are halfway over at this point.  Instructors in every class will assess that a student is making proper academic progress.  If a student is found to NOT be meeting academic progress, the instructor can initiate a drop of the student.
  • Last Day to Drop – full payment is still required, but students receive a W instead of a grade on the transcript.
  • Holiday Closures – many of these are like the high school, but not all.  Please make sure to note the dates every month.  Many teachers will also list these days in their syllabi.
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