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Dual Credit Cost

All costs are billed to the high school by IECC.*    The high school is responsible for determining how and if that cost is passed on to the student.  Per the IECC dual credit agreement, any students eligible for free-and-reduced lunch will not be charged (applies only to tuition-based costs).


Dual Credit at High School $25 per student, per class
Dual Credit at LTC or online $30 per credit in 2021-2022
  $35 per credit in 2022-2023
  $40 per credit in 2023-2024


Fees are assessed on a course-by-course basis and only apply to classes at Lincoln Trail or online.  Examples of courses that require fees include welding, broadband telecom, hybrid courses, lab courses, and computer lab courses.  For more information about fees, please inquire with your advisor during the registration process.


Most LTC and online courses require textbooks.  Textbooks can be purchased in the LTC bookstore or the bookstore for the corresponding campus for online classes.  Students can take their schedule in person to their local bookstore or log into the bookstore through Entrata.  Students who need assistance with textbook questions can reach out to the LTC bookstore at 618-544-5299 or 618-544-8657 ext. 1140.

*There are no classes offered as dual credit in the summer or intersession semesters.  Students are welcome to take classes, but will pay regular cost for tuition, fees, and books.  If your student is interested in transferring the class to the high school for credit, it is the student’s responsibility to communicate with their high school counselor about doing so and they must request/provide a transcript from LTC to their counselor.  While counselors are notified of grades in all dual credit classes, LTC is not responsible for providing information for summer or intersession classes. To register for a summer or intersession course, please call 618-544-8657 and request to make an advising appointment.