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Students who plan to obtain a bachelor’s degree can benefit greatly by beginning their education at IECC and transferring on to their university of choice.  IECC offers numerous general education courses that aid in transfer, however, students are encouraged to enroll in one of the transfer degrees to ensure a smooth transition to the receiving institution.     

Before enrolling in a degree/certificate program or GECC Credential, students must schedule an advisement appointment through the Student Services Office.

Students planning to transfer to another college or university, regardless of the program in which they are enrolled, should be aware that the receiving institution makes the final decision regarding transfer of credit. The advisor will assist the student concerning transferability of classes. However, the student will need to maintain contact with the transfer institution to facilitate the transfer process.

Students attending IECC can run a degree evaluation to help understand what degree requirements remain for graduation.



Transferring From IECC

Click here for all the information you need to know about transferring on to another school from an IECC college.


Transcript Requests

Click here to request your official or unofficial transcript.


Agreements with Other Schools

IECC has several Articulation Agreements with other institutions to better serve students with a smooth transfer, to minimize duplication of instruction, and to build on learning experiences. Click here to see more information.


Graduation Requirements

Click here to make sure you have fulfilled all of the necessary steps to attend graduation from an IECC college.


Transfer Tips

As a transfer student, it’s very important to get advice from your IECC college advisor and, if you have chosen a college to complete your baccalaureate degree, maintain contact with the receiving institution. It is the student’s responsibility to work closely with an advisor so that electives are appropriate, transferable, and applicable to the student’s major at the transfer college or university. 

Check out these resources for more tips:

  • iTransfer - Helping Students Successfully Transfer in the State of Illinois
  • Transferology - We make exploring college transfer easy.



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