Transfer Degrees

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What does your future look like?   

Does it include earning a Bachelor’s Degree? Perhaps a Master’s Degree? Maybe you picture yourself climbing the ladder of success? Whatever your plans may be, your educational journey can all begin at Illinois Eastern Community Colleges.

Starting at IECC gives you the ability to work toward your goals and dreams without breaking the bank. As higher education costs continue to rise, we take pride in offering some of the lowest tuition rates in the State of Illinois. By earning your Associate’s Degree and then transferring to a university of your choice for a Bachelor’s Degree, it’s like getting two degrees for the price of one (or less!). 

IECC offers numerous general education courses that aid in transfer, however, students are encouraged to enroll in one of the following transfer degrees to ensure a smooth transition to the receiving institution:

Associate in Arts  This 2-year transfer degree provides students with a foundational education in liberal arts.  The curriculum for the A.A. contains the complete general education package, earning students the GECC credential and signifying that all of the required gen. ed. courses have been completed.   

Associate in Science  This 2-year transfer degree is intended for students interested in pursuing a bachelor’s degree in the areas of science or mathematics.  The curriculum for the A.S. contains a majority of the general education package, but is short 3 credits each in the areas of humanities/fine arts and social & behavioral sciences due to the increase by 3 credits each in the areas of mathematics and physical & life science.  This is by design to ensure the community college student remains on track with those students at the 4-year university.  The student may choose to pick up the extra 6 credits at IECC and complete the GECC package/credential or finish up the gen. ed. courses at the receiving institution.  

Associate in Science and Arts  This 2-year transfer degree is ideal for students who are undecided between the arts or science degree.  Like the A.A., the curriculum for the A.S.A. contains the complete general education package.    

Associate in General Studies  This 2-year transfer degree is designed for students who wish to explore their individual interests within an academic structure. Acceptance of credit for the A.G.S. is at the discretion of the receiving institution and this curriculum does not include the GECC package.

Customize your Transfer Degree
If you have a field of study in mind, you have the opportunity to add specialized classes and electives to your schedule. This allows you to begin working toward a college major while completing courses in the areas of mathematics, communications, and humanities. Several of our elective classes provide students with job shadowing or projects and assignments that provide early exposure to career interests. Education-focused classes, for example, include teaching observation hours that would allow a student to see firsthand a teaching career and classroom environment.

As a student at one of the IECC colleges, you truly have the freedom to create a class schedule according to your needs and educational and career interests. Click here to explore various university majors to determine the IECC college(s) that offer an applicable transfer program.    

Known by Name, Not by Number
On our campuses (and even before you officially begin classes), we know your name and your educational pursuits. Larger universities and colleges may see you as a file in their system. At IECC, we strive to provide not only quality education but also personalized customer service. In our Student Services offices, each of our departments is available to assist you at any time and answer all of your questions. Our academic advisors will help you plan each semester with your educational and career goals in mind. We love to see our students succeed while you’re on campus and even after you move forward to the next chapter in life.

With our smaller class sizes, our instructors have the opportunity to know and care about each student. You also get to know each of your classmates and develop friendships on campus. IECC faculty also provide one-on-one support to help you succeed and retain the subject knowledge. This personal interaction allows for not only better instruction and learning opportunities but also better communication as a whole between the instructor and student.