HLC Steering Committee Members

HLC Steering Committee

The HLC Steering Committee is a crucial component of our institution's commitment to maintaining high standards of academic quality and continuous improvement. Comprised of dedicated members from various departments and disciplines, the committee plays a vital role in ensuring compliance with the requirements and expectations set forth by the Higher Learning Commission (HLC).

What is an HLC Steering Committee?

The HLC Steering Committee is a collaborative body responsible for overseeing and coordinating the institution's efforts in meeting HLC accreditation standards. The committee's primary objectives include:

  • Evaluating and monitoring institutional performance and effectiveness.
  • Implementing and aligning strategic initiatives with HLC requirements.
  • Facilitating comprehensive institutional self-assessment processes.
  • Developing and maintaining systems for collecting and analyzing data.
  • Ensuring compliance with accreditation criteria and federal regulations.
  • Promoting a culture of continuous improvement and institutional excellence.

Why is the HLC Steering Committee important?

The HLC Steering Committee paints a picture of accreditation compliance, institutional effectiveness, and continuous improvement to the HLC Peer Review Team through an Assurance Argument and evidence files to achieve a successful comprehensive visit and shape the culture of accreditation.

Now, let's meet our 2024 HLC Steering Committee Members



Alyssa Maglone

Alyssa Maglone, Assistant Dean of Academic Service, Accreditation Liaison Officer

Matt Fowler

Matt Fowler, WVC President/Vice-Chancellor of Student Affairs, Criterion 1 Lead

Libby McVicker

Libby McVicker, Program Director of Grants and Compliance, Criterion 2 Lead

Brandon Weger

Brandon Weger, Program Director Institutional Assessment and Effectiveness, Criterion 3 Lead

Drew McMurray

Drew McMurray, History/Political Science Assistant Professor, WVC, Criterion 4 Lead

Jay Edgren

Jay Edgren, FCC President/Vice-Chancellor of Academic Affairs, Criterion 4

Paul Bruinsma

Paul Bruinsma, FCC Dean of Instruction/Chief Academic Officer, Criterion 5

Eva Fatheree

Eva Fatheree, Coordinator of Curricular Reporting and Articulation, HLC Evidence Coordinator