Campus Safety & Security

Policy (500.17)

The Illinois Eastern Community Colleges Board of Trustees recognizes the importance of a college environment which is safe and free of crime. Programs of crime prevention, college security procedures, and programs to prevent drug and alcohol abuse have been implemented to promote a crime-free environment. Information regarding these programs is available from your college office of student services. The college environment includes all students, employees and other persons participating in Illinois Eastern classes, programs, services and other activities and events.  Click here to view the complete policy.


IECC is committed to providing a safe and secure campus community.  Policies and procedures have been developed to ensure precautionary measures are taken to protect persons and property. It’s important that you be proactive as well. Preventive efforts on your part can reduce your chances of becoming a victim. The information in the Campus Safety and Security Brochure assists in promoting awareness of safety-related information at IECC that has been compiled with your safety in mind.