IECC CARLI Digital Collections

IECC CARLI Digital Collections

As part of the Consortium of Academic and Research Libraries in Illinois (CARLI), IECC schools and their students have access to and contribute to the CARLI Digital Collections housed at the University of Illinois. IECC has curated several unique collections over the years:

Edwards County Yearbooks— This collection consists of yearbooks from Edwards County, Illinois. The collection chronicles the history of Edwards County with various yearbook publications from Albion, West Salem, and Browns, Illinois. We hope you enjoy this history of education in Edwards County.

Family History of Wabash County— The Family History of Wabash County collection consists of extensive genealogical information compiled by Mt. Carmel Native Malcom Kight. The collection includes family information for individuals living in Mt. Carmel & Wabash County in 1960. Family details are arranged by where the family lived during the Census of 1960. Also included in this collection is a list of businesses operating in Mt. Carmel & Wabash County in 1960.

To effectively utilize this information, please read the document titled: “**READ THIS FIRST** Information needed to navigate this data” located at the beginning of the collection. This will explain how to work with the database. Enjoy your travels down the streets and roads of Wabash County!

Frontier Community College Graduation— This collection includes information & videos of Frontier Community College's Graduation ceremonies. Frontier Community College (FCC), an Illinois Eastern Community College, is located in Fairfield, Illinois.

Lincoln Trail College Commencement Programs— The first commencement for Lincoln Trail College was held in 1971, with 19 graduates receiving degrees and certificates. This collection includes the printed programs for LTC Commencements, 2004 Lawrence Correctional Graduation Ceremony, the 2011 GED Commencement program, and LTC Nursing Pinning Presentations.

LTC Lincoln's Logue— Lincoln Trail College, an Illinois Eastern Community College, was established in 1969. This collection consists of Lincoln Trail College's yearbooks, Lincoln's Logue. The first Lincoln's Logue, was published in 1971, and was dedicated to the students who attended the first year at Lincoln Trail College and to its first Graduating Class. Enjoy this trip down memory lane!

Mt. Carmel High School's 2017 Road to Peoria— In the 2016-2017 season, the Mt. Carmel High School Aces Boys Basketball team achieved something that had not been accomplished in 90 years. They made it to the State Finals game. Cliff Garrett's team in 1927 had brought the crown home to Mt. Carmel but the intervening years had been lean. The Aces had made only one more state finals appearance (in 1944) when they lost in the first round. From the time coach Tyler Buss handed out their itinerary for their state championship trip during the very first team meeting of the year until they arrived in Peoria, it was an exciting year. In order to preserve the memories of a very special team during an unbelievable year, we have collected information along the "Road to Peoria." Enjoy this collection of memories.

MCHS Sibylline— This collection consists of the Sibylline, the yearbook of Mt. Carmel High School, Mt. Carmel, Illinois. The first Sibylline was published in 1914 and publication has continued yearly with the exception of 1919. We hope you enjoy this history of secondary education in Mt. Carmel and Wabash County.

Olney Central College Lance— This collection consists of Olney Central College’s yearbooks, The Lance. Olney Central College, an Illinois Eastern Community College, was founded in 1963. The first Lance, was published in 1965, and continued until 1991. We hope you enjoy this unique view of the history of Olney Central College.

Wabash Valley College Commencement Programs— This collection consists of Wabash Valley College's Commencement Programs. Wabash Valley College, an Illinois Eastern Community College, was established in 1960. The first WVC Graduation was held on Saturday, June 2, 1962, and consisted of 18 students.

WVC Interpretations— Interpretations is an official Wabash Valley College student publication. Literary pieces included in the publications were selected from assignments submitted as part of requirements for the courses of creative writing, poetry writing, and understanding poetry. Student enrolled in the classes served as jury members in selecting the pieces to be published.

WVC Oubache— This collection consists of Wabash Valley College's yearbooks, The Oubache. Wabash Valley College, an Illinois Eastern Community College, was established in 1960. The first Oubache, was published in 1963, and continued until 1994. We hope you enjoy looking though the history of Wabash Valley College.

WVC Student Newspapers— The WVC Student Newspapers collection consists of various publications produced by Wabash Valley College students. The first WVC student publication was the WVC Broadcast which was produced in 1968. In 1970, it was renamed Student Voice, which continued until the Spring of 1991. Pagination began in March of 1993 and was published until 2005. We have incorporated other local publications including Back to College; Class Schedules and Progress Editions, all relating to WVC history.