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What's my first step in becoming a student?

  1. Place a call or stop by the Student Services Office of the college you plan to attend. The staff will be glad to help you outline the steps to become a student.
    Frontier Community College 877-464-3687
    Lincoln Trail College 866-582-4322
    Olney Central College 866-622-4322
    Wabash Valley College 866-982-4322
  2. Complete an application for admission or one can be mailed to you from the Student Services Office.
  3. Financial aid information is available at each college. FAFSA applications may be electronically filed at
  4. Send a copy of your high school transcript with ACT or SAT scores if available. If you completed your GED, a copy of your GED scores will be required.
  5. If you did not take the ACT or SAT, and would like to retest, the COMPASS computerized entrance exam is available district wide. Testing may be scheduled through the Student Services Office.
  6. Call or visit your local college to schedule an appointment to meet with an advisor to schedule classes or discuss your educational goals.


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