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How am I going to pay for this?

Even though community colleges are affordable, paying for college can be challenging. The first step for any student is to apply for financial aid. FAFSA applications may be electronically filed at The student’s taxes (and possibly the parents' taxes) are required to complete the form. The application is for federal grants and loans along with the Illinois tuition scholarship known as the MAP grant. Financial aid information is available at each college.
If you are currently a high school senior, academic scholarships may be available. You may obtain an application through the guidance office at your high school or the financial aid office at any of the colleges.

Non-traditional students may find support through the LWIA23, 217-235-2942 or the Single Parent Program, 618-395-7777. Check with your employer to see if tuition reimbursement benefits are available.

Other sources of funding may be found by exploring the following websites.

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