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Scholarship Information

OCC Foundation
Hoffmann Botanical Science Award
(2 semesters)

This award is presented to a current graduate of a high school in the Illinois Eastern Community Colleges District 529. Recipients must reside in District 529 at the time of award. This award is given in honor of James F. Hoffmann. The award will be available to the recipient for a period of one academic year. As a requirement for selection, each recipient will initiate, conduct and write a research paper, the topic of which will be some aspect of native plants in Illinois. If no acceptable applications are accepted by the science department selection committee, a previous recipient may reapply as a sophomore. The award covers a stipend up to $500 per semester (fall and spring). Only interest from the Hoffmann Botanical Award can be used each year. Because of this, the value of the award may be less than $500 per semester. Those interested in applying for the award, should contact the OCC Financial Aid Office at 618-395-7777, ext. 2008.

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