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OCC Winter Weather Closing Policy

It is Olney Central College’s policy to remain open unless the weather makes it too hazardous to do so. When the safety of students and staff is threatened due to inclement weather or other emergencies, OCC will be closed or classes canceled or delayed.

Administration will attempt to notify media outlets prior to the 6 a.m. news on the day of the closing.

Don’t assume that if the elementary and high schools close, OCC will be closed as well. If no announcement is made, classes will meet as usual.

Closure of day classes does not necessarily mean that evening classes will be canceled. Announcements regarding evening classes will be made prior to 4 p.m., if at all possible.

The following radio and television stations will be notified of any cancellations or delays:

• WVLN-AM and WSEI-FM in Olney

• WIKK in Newton • WAKO in Lawrenceville

• WFIW-AM and -FM in Fairfield

• WNOI-FM in Flora

• WSJD in Mt. Carmel

• WCRC in Effingham

• WVJC in Mt. Carmel

• WTWO and WTHI in Terre Haute, Ind.

• WEHT, WFIE and WTVW in Evansville, Ind.

Closings will be posted on the Illinois Eastern Communtiy Colleges website at

Closings also are announced through IECC Alerts. When you create an Entrata account, you will be automatically registered for an alerts account. Account creation for alerts will take approximately 24 hours. IECC Alerts will automatically go to your Entrata email account, but you can opt-in for text messages or receive messages at another email account. To do so, login to Entrata and select Emergency Alerts. Enter your cellular information under the Text and Voice Preferences section. A phone number is required. 

You also may enter another email address in the Email Preferences area under Contact Email. Then Save. While there is no direct cost for signing up for this text message service, you may be charged a text message fee by your cell phone provider. Please check your cell phone plan to understand the costs you may incur using this service. The system will be used to send text messages related to campus emergencies, weather-related closures and test messages. Students previously signed up with IECC Emergency Alerts should verify contact information and preferences are current.

If you do not have an Entrata account, please contact the Records Office at 618-395-7777, ext. 2267.

Find a problem? Send the issue to us. Thank you!