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Where International Students Live

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The International Student Program will help you locate housing. Although IECC has only a limited amount of campus housing, many attractive housing accomodations are available in the area. Housing is the student's responsibility, not the responsibility of Illinois eastern Community Colleges. However, we will make every effort to assist students in finding suitable housing before students arrive in the United States. Students who apply early will be given first consideration.


Housing Types

Host Family Living

Many community residents have extra rooms in their homes to rent to international students. These host families will try to make the students stay here comfortable. The host family accomodations are especially good for students who are learning English or have no friends or acquaintances in this area. This arrangement will cost approximately $400 per month. Living with a host family is a great way to get acquainted with an American familly in a typical American home.

Apartment Living

Many apartments are very close to our campuses so students can walk or ride bikes to their college. Students may share a one or two bedroom apartment with other students or live alone, if they prefer. It is less expensive to share an apartment, and we will try to pre-arrange a roommate for interested students. One bedroom apartments cost $400 - $500 or more per month. Apartment living is convenient and ideal for the more independent student. Apartments consist of a bedroom, living room, dining room, kitchen, bathroom and closets.

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Most students drive automobiles to campus. Any student wanting to drive a car in the State of Illinois MUST COME with an International Drivers License or their country license. Automobile insurance is required for students who intend to purchase a car. A valid driving license is also required. Automobiles are the most recommended form of transportation, but some students will use bicycles as their transportation


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