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Disclosures / Student Right to Know

In accordance with 34 CFR Part 668, current and prospective students and employees have the right to know certain information about Illinois Eastern Community Colleges including academic, financial assistance and institutional information, program completions, graduation rates, institutional security policies and crime statistics, athletic program participation rates and financial support data. An alphabetical index on this page has links to a description of each item, as part of IECC's compliance with this regulation. 

Financial Aid Consumer Information Disclosures

Borrower Information
College Navigator - Consumer information tool containing IECC information on costs, majors offered, size of school, campus safety, and graduation rates.

Cost of Attendance by Program (includes tuition, fees, room/board, books, etc. - Gainful Employment Consumer Disclosure Information includes cost of attendance by program.

Default Rate - Student Default Rates on student loans (Cohort Group).
Federal and State Aid
Financial Aid - Financial Assistance Available to Students at IECC.
Gainful Employment Consumer Disclosure Information
Net Price Calculator - Tuition, fees, room/board
Refund Policy on Tuition and Fees
Returning Federal Aid - Requirements for returning Title IV Aid.
Satisfactory Academic Progress
Student Financial Aid Handbook
Student Loan Repayments/Deferments - Loan repayment and deferment information.
Tuition Rates

- Veterans Brochure

- Veterans Services Survey


General Disclosures

Academic Freedom Policy (800.6)
Academic Integrity Policy (500.25)
Admission Application Procedure - Students can enroll in a single course or a specific program leading to a degree or certificate.
Appropriate Use of Information Technology Resources (200.2)
Articulation Agreements - Agreements with other colleges and universities to help students make choices about where to transfer to continue their education toward a bachelor's degree.
Career Planning and Placement Assistance
Certificates and Degrees
Copyright Infringement
Course Placement - For the purpose of proper course placement and advising, all entering certificate and degree seeking freshman are required to submit standardized test scores.
Disabled Student Information
Educational Guarantee
Facilities and Services Available to Students with Disabilities
Licensure Pass Rates
Mission Statement
Student Organizations
Transfer Credit / Illinois Articulation Initiative (IAI) - The Illinois Articulation Initiative (IAI) is a statewide transfer agreement, which is transferable among more than 100 participating college or universities in Illinois.

- Policy on Transfer Credit (500.9)

- Policy for Credit Equivalency by Licensure or Certification (500.26)

Transfer Program Information
Transcript Request Form
Website Privacy Policy - IECC is committed to maintaining the privacy of users of the Illinois Eastern Community College's (IECC) Web Site and other IECC web based services.
Withdrawal Requirements and Procedures


Student Right to Know


Accreditation - Agencies that accredit, approve or license the institution and its programs

ADA - American Disabilities Act (100.12)

Athletic Program Participation Rates and Financial Support Data (EADA)

Athletics - Students Receiving Athletically-Related Financial Aid

Athletics - Graduation and Transfer Rates

Bloodborne Pathogens Policy (100.11)

Campus Safety, Crime Report and Emergency Plans

*Paper copies of the report are available from the Student Services office upon request
Chronic Communicable Diseases Policy (100.10)
College Navigator - Consumer information tool containing IECC information on costs, majors offered, size of school, campus safety, and graduation rates.
Demographic & Enrollment Information

Disclosure of Private Mental Health Information Policy (500.12)

Disclosure of Private Mental Health Information Procedure (500.12)

Disclosure of Private Mental Health Information Form

Drug Free Schools and Communities Act Information
Emergency Response and Evacuation
Equity in Athletics Disclosure - Most Recent Equity in Athletic Disclosure
Faculty & Staff
FERPA Family Education Rights and Privacy Act
Fire Safety - Fire safety evacuation procedures are outlined in each College Emergency Plan.
Graduation, Transfer-Out, and Retention Rates from College Navigator Website

Identity Theft Prevention Program

Identity Theft Prevention

Non-Discrimination Policy (100.8)
Persistence and Degree Completion Policy

Security, Campus Safety, and Annual Security Report

*Paper copies of the report are available from the Student Services Office upon request.

- Campus Sexual Violence Elimination Act/Campus SaVE Act

- Preventing Sexual Violence in Higher Education Policy (100.31)
     - Sexual Violence Title IX Complaint Form
     - Preventing Sexual Harassment and Sexual Violence at IECC Brochure

- Sexual Assault Brochure

- Sexual Harassment in Higher Education Brochure

- Sexual Harassment Policy (100.17)

- Sexual Harassment Procedures (100.17)

Student Complaint Policy - Policy for all formal student complaints at Illinois Eastern Community Colleges except for complaints regarding sexual harassment or student readmission petitions.

Student Complaint Process for Out-of-State Students - Students have the right to file a complaint against an institution regarding the delivery of distance education to out-of-state residents.

Student Conduct Policy (500.8)
Student Rights Under FERPA
Tobacco Policy (100.15) / Smoke-free, Tobacco-free, Vapor-free

Violence Prevention Plan
     - Behavioral Incident Report Form 


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