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Required High School Subject Patterns

Students are required to have the following high school units and skills to enroll in an Associate in Science degree, Associate in Arts degree, or an Associate in Science and Arts degree program:

1. Four years (units) of English, emphasizing written and oral communications and literature.

2. Three years (units) of mathematics, including introductory through advanced algebra, geometry, trigonometry, or fundamentals of computer programming.

3. Reading, including the ability to read and comprehend at a level appropriate for college study.

4. Three years (units) of science in laboratory sciences.

5. Three years (units) of social studies emphasizing history and government.

6. Two years (units) of electives from a choice of foreign language, music, art, or vocational education.

A total of fifteen (15) units are required in the above areas. A student may subtract three (3) units from science, math, social studies, or electives and add these units to another category for the required fifteen (15) units. No more than one (1) unit can be subtracted from any category, and no units can be subtracted from English.

Students are required to meet the following high school requirements to enroll in the Associate in Applied Science degree program or one-year certificate program:

1. Three years (units) of English emphasizing writing, oral communication, and literature.

2. Two years (units) of mathematics.

3. Reading, including the ability to read and comprehend at a level appropriate for college study.

4. One year (unit) of science.

Students entering a transfer associate degree program who have not successfully completed a geometry class at the high school level will be required to complete a developmental geometry course prior to enrolling in transfer-level math courses. Additional developmental courses may be required based upon individual student evaluation (see Remedial/College Preparatory Placement for all Degree-Seeking and One-Year Certificate Students).

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