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Students Transferring to IECC

Official transcripts of students transferring credit to IECC toward a degree or certificate can be evaluated if the credit was earned at institutions accredited by The Higher Learning Commission, a Commission of the North Central Association of Colleges and Schools, or similar regional accrediting agencies. If the transcript indicates a cumulative grade-point average below 2.0, only course grades of C or above will be considered. The Commission may be contacted at the HLC website at or by phone at 312/263-0456. IECC's Policy on Transfer Credit (500.9) outlines the criteria used to make transfer decisions.

Students transferring to IECC must earn at least sixteen (16) semester hours at IECC to meet graduation requirements for a degree (see Graduation Requirements/Honors). For a certificate, sixteen (16) hours of college-level credit or 50% of the hours required, whichever is less. Only grades from IECC are used in determining a grade-point average for term honors and graduation honors.

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