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Pass/Fail Courses

Students exercising the pass/fail option must declare their intentions at registration and may not change to the traditional letter-grade option after the end of late registration. A grade of F* (Fail) or P (Pass) will not be computed in the grade-point average. Regular tuition and fees will be charged.

Students planning to transfer to senior institutions are discouraged from taking courses under the pass/fail option and should consult with their advisor before selecting this alternative.

In addition:

1. A student may take a maximum of twelve (12) pass/fail credit hours, with certain exceptions.

2. A student enrolled in transfer degrees may not take general education requirements for pass/fail credit.

3. A student enrolled in an Associate in Applied Science degree or certificate program may not take degree/certificate courses for pass/fail credit, except those requirements entitled "Internship," "Seminar," NUR 1206, or NUR 2205.

4. A student may take continuing education courses for pass/fail credit.

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