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Grade Forgiveness

After three years, students may petition the Academic Standards Committee to "forgive" grades of F or WF (Withdrawal Failing) previously earned in a certificate or degree program. "Forgiven grades" will not be calculated by IECC in the student’s cumulative grade-point average, but will remain on the transcript. If a student transfers to another college or university, the receiving institution may recalculate the GPA to include forgiven grades. (WP and WF grades have not been awarded by IECC since the 1998 summer semester.)

Students must maintain a 2.0 cumulative grade point average to graduate from IECC. They should also check with the Financial Aid Office to determine the academic requirements for maintaining eligibility for financial aid.

The Academic Standards Committee may waive the three-year limitation for grade forgiveness but may not grant a student more than one petition for grade forgiveness. Approval of the grade forgiveness will be granted by the IECC institution into which the student is admitted for re-entry.

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