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Course / College Withdrawal

Policy effective beginning the Fall 2016 semester.

Students may add, drop, or withdraw from courses during specifically set forth days as established by IECC and published in the official academic calendar, the college catalog, and in the procedures manual. 

Refund Period
A refund of 100 percent of the tuition and fees will be made to a student who withdraws during the first 10 business days of a sixteen-week course period and the first 5 business days of an eight-week course period or the proportionate time of any other course not conforming to a sixteen-week or eight-week schedule. 

Academic Record
Courses dropped before the start of a semester do not become part of a student’s academic record.  If a student withdraws during a refund period, a W (withdraw) becomes part of the student’s academic record.  A student who withdraws after the refund period also will have a W as part of his or her academic record.  Failure to follow the official withdrawal policy will result in a grade of F.

Student Initiated Drop or Withdrawal
Each student is responsible for initiating a drop or withdrawal request by contacting Student Services at each college and completing a Course Change Form (withdrawal form).  The student is encouraged to meet with the instructor, his or her Retention Coordinator, and the Financial Aid Officer before withdrawing from any course.

Withdrawal requests must be received in Student Services no later than two weeks prior to the end of any regular length semester.  Students are advised to contact Student Services for withdrawal deadlines for courses not conforming to a sixteen-week schedule.

Administrative Withdrawal
Prior to an administrative withdrawal, the instructor should submit a Progress Report to allow the Retention Coordinator or academic advisor to contact the student.  If there is no resolution, i.e. a student-initiated withdraw, an instructor may recommend an administrative withdrawal after mid-term if a student who ceases to attend or whose pattern of absences causes the faculty member to seriously question the intent of the student to further pursue the course.  The administrative withdrawal must be approved by the Dean of Instruction.  The Student Services/Student Records Office will notify the student and Financial Aid Director of the student’s administrative withdrawal.

Faculty may request to withdraw a student from their courses with a failing grade due to plagiarism, cheating, or other gross infractions as stated in the attendance and academic integrity policy and statements on the course syllabi upon review and approval by the Dean of Instruction. 

IECC also has the authority to administratively withdraw a student from classes for the following reasons:

  • Registration in violation of college regulations and requirements (academic ineligibility to register);
  • Failure to pay tuition and fees by established due date;
  • Disciplinary suspension or dismissal for the remainder of an academic semester or longer;
  • Severe psychological or health problems such that a student cannot be permitted to continue in attendance; and
  • Other reasons deemed appropriate by the proper administrative staff such as the President or Dean of Instruction.

Policy to Protect Academic Standing of Dual Credit Students (Policy 500.29) specifically applies to students who are not successful in dual credit courses that follow the high school calendar and may withdraw from the college course after the college drop date to protect their academic standing.

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