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Academic Probation

Any degree/certificate-seeking student whose cumulative grade-point average falls below a C (2.0), after attempting twelve (12) credit hours, will automatically be placed on academic probation.

A student on academic probation must earn at least a C (2.0) average in the term immediately following placement on academic probation or the student will be dismissed from the degree program. A student then must maintain a C (2.0) average in the term following such dismissal from the degree program to remain in the college.

A student on academic probation will remain on academic probation until such time as the student's cumulative grade-point average returns to C (2.0). When the student achieves a cumulative GPA of C (2.0), then he or she will be returned to academic good standing.

Notice of academic deficiency will appear on the student's transcript by semester and be noted in his/her Entrata records.

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